Safeguarding Tax and Financial Records

The IRS published a newswire urging people to safeguard their records.

Actually whether or not you live in a hurricane area, there are many things that can happen to destroy important records. We all think about big natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, etc. But there are other disasters that can affect anyone no matter where you live. They include such things as fires, flooded basements, theft, accidentally throwing things away, etc.

If you happen to get audited, the IRS doesn’t particularly care why you no longer have your records and they will go off the records they can gather. The IRS can provide you with W-2 information, income from interest, dividends, stock sales, 1099 information, interest paid on government student loans, and how much mortgage interest you paid to a financial institution. They don’t have records of business deductions, donations, dependents, alimony paid, daycare expenses, medical expenses, etc.

There are several ways you can choose to keep your records safe.

1. Paperless Record keeping: With the wide use of computers, internet bank records, W-2 forms, and other documents can easily be downloaded to your computer. Other documents can be scanned in. This can then be saved onto a USB drive as a back up which can be store in a safety deposit box and/or sent to a relative in another city.

2. CD or DVD: Records can be scanned into the computer and burned onto a CD or DVD. Several copies can be made inexpensively and stored in several places.

3. Record Keeping Companies: There are companies that will copy and keep your records in their vaults so that in the case of a disaster they can provide you with a copy.

4. Protective Boxes and Safes: You can purchase fire proof and water proof boxes and small safes to keep valuable records in. They can work well if you don’t live in a place were place where a natural disaster will likely take down the entire house.

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