Commerce Tax Registration

By now you have probably heard about the Nevada Commerce Tax that passed last legislative session.

The Department of Taxation is requesting that all businesses register for the commerce tax. You may have received a letter from them instructing you to register. There is a link on their web site http://tax.nv.gov/WelcometoCOM/. Once you have registered you can file the form online. The reporting dates are from 7/1/15-6/30/16.

If the company did not have GROSS income over 4 million dollars, there is a check box at the top of the form and a signature required at the bottom. The filing is due by 8/15/16 and there is no penalty for late filing as of now.

Also, if you have any rental properties held in an entity or personally, you will need to register to report that income as well.

If you have specific questions to ask the Department of Taxation regarding the registration, filing or the form, they ask that you email the question to them at com.tax.state.nv.us. They will not be taking phone calls regarding the commerce tax at this time.