Charging Order Protection – By: Kerry Kolvet, Esq.

The protection of assets is generally one of the biggest reasons to form a legal entity. Specifically, the protection of business assets from an owner’s personal liabilities is critical to a business’ continuing success. In many states, a personal creditor may charge a stockholder’s stock with payment of a judgment. Such a remedy could result in the forced liquidation of a viable business to satisfy an owner’s personal debt to the detriment of other owners.

In Nevada, charging order protection is extended to partnerships, limited liability companies and, more recently, corporations. What this means is that a personal creditor’s only remedy against an owner’s stock is a charging order and, as a result, that creditor must wait for distributions from that entity to satisfy any judgment. The creditor cannot force distributions from the entity, nor can the creditor exercise any control over the entity, thereby allowing the business to continue operations despite the creditor’s claim.

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